Frequently Asked Questions

Once you finish your job contract you will be paid immediately by the client as per your hiring bid amount.Payments may be wired to your desired payment method without notification.
Yes you can upgrade your plan and add more job categories. Go to your profile and you will see the upgrade button.
We accept Bank transfers, credit and debit cards, PayPal and Mobile payments (M-Pesa, Tigo, e.t.c).
Payments will be wired directly to your preferred payment option selected automatically and instantly after your job has been revied and having passed our plagiarism check.
Yes, you sure can as we have O'level jobs for all the technical subjects.
This money will be wired to your selected payout method once your referrals complete signup.
After Registration you will make a bid on a job and expect a notification informing you on the confirmation of the job.
Tellenor does not charge commissions between freelancer and employer. We rely on your one-time subscription as service fee.
We will be releasing our Beta app soon and we will be giving you $13 if you join our waiting list at:
The jobs can be done by all freelancers all around the world.
You can invite as many people as you want and for every 5 persons you invite you will receive $10 USD instantly to your selected payment method.
No! The subscription is a one time fee after which your bids will be renewed automatically at the start of the month.
Hello we will be offering training courses soon at no fee.
Active invites refer to the invited freelancers who have made a subscription on Tellenor.
We have different categories of jobs. They include;
  • Writing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Web, Graphics & Creatives
  • Translation & Languages
  • Support & Customer Service
  • Transcription
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Data Entry & Admin
  • Homework for both Collage and Highschool.